Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Because anything can happen.

Even those who play it safe can face medical emergencies, political unrest or worse. When the unforeseeable becomes reality, you want the coverage that travel insurance can provide. Much more than trip cancellation, travel insurance is financial protection with emergency assistance to keep you safe as you travel the world. Many of your travel arrangements may be non-refundable or subject to strict cancellation penalties. Often times, the lowest cost airfares, cruise and land packages generally include significant penalties if you are unable to actually take your trip. Travel insurance can help you avoid penalties and protect your investment.

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How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Travel insurance is a collection of benefits and services designed to protect you in three key ways:

Coverage for Your Travel Arrangements

Among the most frustrating experiences a traveler can have are trip cancellation, trip interruption, and travel delay. Should unforeseeable reasons force you to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip, travel insurance aims to reimburse you for the cost of your travel arrangements.

Coverage for You

Probably the most important coverage travel insurance can provide is coverage for you. Protection against the costs a traveler can incur from unexpected medical expenses, medical evacuation, and non-medical emergency evacuation can be high. Travel insurance can protect travelers from those costs, so they can focus on their health and safety. Not how it will affect their bank accounts.

Coverage for Your Belongings

When we travel, we take baggage and other personal items on our trip. Travel insurance can reimburse travelers for the money spent to replace these items when baggage and personal effects are delayed, lost, or stolen.

When to Buy

Time Sensitive Provisions

In order to get the most out of your travel insurance policy, it is recommended that you purchase your policy when booking your trip. Why? Because of time sensitive provisions.

Most travel insurance policies contain time sensitive provisions which broaden coverage when you purchase the insurance in a timely manner. TravelSafe is generally within 21 days of your initial trip deposit, but that may vary by state.

Purchasing within the time sensitive period expands coverage, such as the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver. It also allows your policy to provide coverage for bankruptcy or insolvency of a travel supplier and allows you to qualify for the optional “Cancel For Any Reason” Benefit.

Important tip! Waiting to buy coverage until final payment is a mistake. Purchase your travel protection within 21 days of your trip deposit. This way, you’ll receive broader coverage at the same price you would pay at final payment. Don’t wait until you have the final trip cost to purchase your coverage. You can always update your trip cost at a later date.

What Our Travel Insurance Can Cover

Insurance Related Benefits
Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Trip Cancellation and Interruption protects the financial investment you’ve made in your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons, both medical and non-medical, that may affect your trip to be canceled or interrupted.

Travel Delay

Many travelers have experienced travel delay. Some in a airport while others on a cruise, but having a benefit designed to help cover the expenses incurred from additional, unplanned meals or accommodations can really be of help.

Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation

Political unrest and natural disasters are just two of the reasons we at TravelSafe have seen Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation put to use. Our Classic and Classic Plus plans provide coverage for Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation.

Cancel For Any Reason

You may want to cancel your trip for reasons not covered in your plan. This benefit is for just that. You can cancel your trip for any reason and receive up to 75% of your trip cost back.

Missed Connection

Travelers often take connecting transportation to their final destination or tour departure. Missed Connection aims to help travelers in the event they miss their trip departure due to unforeseen reasons.

Medical Expense/Emergency Evacuation

Many health insurance plans offer little or no coverage for on-trip medical bills. Our plans cover on-trip medical expenses and also provide coverage for medical transportation costs if you must be medically evacuated for appropriate care.

Baggage/Personal Effects Loss & Delay

It is always a good idea to leave your expensive valuables at home such as expensive jewelry and antiques. But you can’t leave everything. Digital cameras, expensive clothing, and other personal articles may be lost, stolen, delayed, or destroyed. Travel insurance can help with the cost of replacing those items.

Air Flight Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Also known as flight insurance and AD&D. This benefit provides monetary benefits to your family in case of your accidental death or dismemberment during flight. This benefit is included in our Classic and Classic Plus plans with an optional add-on for additional coverage.

Non-Insurance Benefits included with all of our plans

 24-Hour Assistance Services

Included in all of our plans, 24-Hour Assistance Services help you in emergency situations.

Optional Benefits

Rental Car Damage

Rental car companies charge high fees to cover collision or other damage to a rental vehicle. Add Rental Car Damage to your plan and protect yourself from this damage liability.

Personal Property Pac

Sometimes it is impossible to leave those expensive personal items at home like your laptop, cell phone or ski equipment. You can extend your Baggage/Personal Effects Coverage by adding this optional benefit to your plan.

Additional AD&D

It’s possible to add additional flight insurance to your plans. This increases your benefit and the monetary benefits provided to your family.

Additional Perks of TravelSafe Plans

Bankruptcy & Default Protection

What if your airline or travel supplier ceases operations? Other airlines or travel suppliers may help find space for you, but usually at a cost. Sometimes you lose the entire cost of your trip! Our Classic and Classic Plus plans provide coverage for supplier Bankruptcy or Default.

Coverage for Terrorist Attacks

Many travel insurance companies do not cover terrorist attacks because they consider them an act of war. If your trip is affected by an unforeseen Terrorist Attack, we have plans to help minimize the financial loss that you may incur.

Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver

As a traveler, you may have a pre-existing condition you fear will limit the medical coverage within your policy. If purchased within the time sensitive period, your policy can include the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver. This can be good news for travelers who are considered able to travel by their physician because their condition is both stable and well-managed.

Hurricane Warning

The Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans are no stranger to hurricanes. With TravelSafe plans, a hurricane warning in your destination city could mean a 100% reimbursement for you prepaid travel expenses.

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