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We have trained destination wedding specialists to work with couples that want a South Asian wedding, or more commonly known as Indian weddings because their events are beautiful, colorful, and spirited. We love the details and bringing cultural traditions together to create a cohesive event that guests will remember fondly years after the weekend is over. Our main goal for every wedding is we want our couples, to be able to enjoy your day and not have to worry about a single thing because we have it all taken care of.

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Hindu or Sikh destination weddings are beautiful. However, they are also very intricate events in Indian culture. While most destination wedding ceremonies only last a day, these weddings involve several days and ceremonies.  The Sangeet, Mehndi, Baraat, Ceremony, and Reception are just some of the main events, with many other parts before and afterward. Similarly, a lot of time goes into planning and organizing these details of the ceremonies as well as accommodating your guests for their travel needs. Beach Travel Destination Weddings has the knowledge and experience to help guide you find the ideal location and resort for your amazing Indian destination wedding!

We work with many all-inclusive hotel chains that offer a variety of Indian wedding packages that will make this type of wedding picture Perfect. Each package comes with a Certified Resort Wedding Designer  that is an expert  in this type of wedding that work with you form the beginning to the end on planning your wedding

Many resorts offer specific South Asian wedding packages. Our recommended hotels that will help accommodate all your needs for a traditional Indian wedding.

The specialists at Beach Travel Destination Weddings are experts on recommending resorts where your wedding package comes with a certified wedding planner will work with you on Hindu Destination Wedding Planning, as well as Sikh Destination wedding planning.

All of the resort options that we pick and recommend to you enforce non-discriminatory policies, provide diversity and sensitivity training for employees, and employ staff who will treat you and your guests with the utmost courtesy and respect that you all deserve to enjoy.

Imagine a beachfront resort with Exquisite destination occasions designed around the significance of the festivities and the integrity of traditions important to the couple and family. All take place at breathtaking, beachfront resorts that are the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration of any size.

Luxury Accommodations: 

Luxury Accommodations: redefines the all-inclusive experience, pampering family and guests

Certified Wedding Experts:

On-site wedding coordinators certified in South Asian customs expertly blend heritage, style and flawless execution to create the ideal celebration.

Multicultural Menus:

Chefs prepare a variety of international cuisines using vibrant spices, colors and flavors of South Asian fare to delight even the most discerning palette

The Destination Wedding Travel Guide

What’s Included:

  • Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations
  • Honeymoon in St. Lucia (Sample Itinerary)
  • Destination Wedding Beaches Checklist
  • Before the Wedding Checklist
  • Destination Wedding Tips
  • Destination Wedding Workbook
  • Wedding Day Planner
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“With Destination Weddings by Beach Travel, you get the benefit of our deep relationships with the resorts. By working with us, you’ll enjoy VIP treatment and service no matter where your travels take you. You’re with us!,”

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Don’t Go It Alone!

Our team of wedding experts have years of experience booking wedding groups and individual travel arrangements. If you are inviting guests to your destination wedding, we’ll make it affordable so they can attend one of the most important events in your lifetime.

You no longer have to spend hours searching the web, wait days for a reply from an unfamiliar coordinator abroad or negotiate rates directly with hotels or airlines. We provide one-stop shopping and protect your interests, making sure that you are not overcharged or misled by any third party vendor.

Our wedding travel consultants visit the destinations, know the vendors, inspect the hotels and ceremony locations in order to provide professional advice and current information. We guarantee the best value, customer service and most important, we don’t charge any fees for our work, we just require travel arrangements be made through our company. We’ll help you make your dream wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be tricky and there are no guarantees. When you book on your own through a “dotcom” like Orbitz or Expedia, you run the risk of being moved to another hotel if the property gets oversold or being placed on endless hold if you have a problem with your travel plans or an emergency. 

By going it alone, a couple may be forced to spend hours searching the web, negotiate directly with hotels or be overcharged by third-party vendors who aren’t familiar with the needs of a traveling wedding couple. “Our certified travel consultants visit the destinations, know the vendors and inspect the hotels and ceremony locations in order to provide professional advice and current information to the bride and groom. We guarantee the best value, customer service and most important – we don’t charge any fees for our work, we just require travel arrangements be made through our company.

We can make sure you’re getting the best price.

Sometimes shopping based on price can be deceiving.

Make sure to look for hidden fees or the small print in contracts. “We work with preferred vendors who give us special pricing which we then pass on to you and your guests. When it comes to cost, you will receive the best prices available at the time of booking if you work with us.”

And as far as ease of payment, “We offer an easy payment plan which makes it ideal for guest to budget instead of having to pay their trip in full at the time of booking.”

We have been creating memorable and personalized experiences since 2001. We understand what it takes to pull off a stress-free wedding in a dream location. If you work with us, or someone else, just make sure you select a travel specialist who understands the unique needs of a couple planning a destination wedding.

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