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Please enter full names exactly as they appear on government-issued photo ID presenting at airport. Airline may deny boarding if names on airline tickets do not match up with ID.
Passports are required for travel outside the US. Please check your passport expiration date.
Passports must be VALID for 6 months BEYOND travel dates or airline will deny boarding.

Special Requests

Bedding and room requests are not a guarantee. Hotels will accommodate whenever possible.

Travel Protection

Your trip is a significant investment and travel insurance is available. If you choose to decline this valuable protection, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements including airline, hotel and travel supplier cancellation penalties.

I have declined to purchase travel insurance and fully understand that my travel agent is not liable or responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation & interruption, emergency medical/transportation, baggage & personal effects, flight & travel accident, and/or rental car physical damage.

Terms & Conditions

I understand it is my responsibility to obtain the necessary documents for travel including visas and passports (valid at least 6 months beyond date of departure). Passports are required for international travel.

Suntastic Honeymoons and Vacations and The Travel Society and its travel suppliers are not responsible for no-shows, missed flights, tax increases (fuel, airline surcharges), Traveler-Initiated Changes including changes in travel dates or Airline-Initiated Schedule Changes which may result in airfare or accommodation cost increases.

I have reviewed my itinerary and I verify that all information is accurate. By signing below I agree to the terms & conditions of this transaction.

I authorize the above credit/debit card to be charged in the amount shown for deposit, final payment and other charges I may authorize verbally for this travel package.

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