Author: SU-JIT LIN 

What’s the difference between a “trip” and a “vacation”? The answer is: what you do once you’re there.

Make sure yours is the latter by pre-booking your Amstar DMC transfers and excursions ahead of time! This will help any traveler make the most out of every journey, guaranteeing that they’ll be able to do everything they hope to do while on vacation.

When vacationers plan ahead and say “yes” to arranging their details NOW and with their agent, they’re saying NO to:

  1. Last-minute running around

By including transfers in the booking, there’s no stress about closing loose ends, like how you’re going to get to your resort or hotel from the airport. It’s all done

2. Worrying about availability on excursions and missing out

When you’re pre-booked, your spot is already saved with your literal name on it, so you can kiss FOMO good-bye. We have active rosters to keep track of participants, which means if we show your time and date as open, it’s as good as yours

3. Potential scams

It can be panic-inducing, searching for a tour operator on the ground, hoping you’ll get a fair price for your last-minute booking while not knowing what the average going rate is. Skip the risk of inflated or unregulated pricing with our competitive set rates.

4. Having to think about safety or reliability

Our recommended vendors are well-vetted with reputations that have stood the test of time, and we regularly monitor our customer feedback to make sure that they still meet the bar

5. Guessing on times

Don’t leave when you need to depart the property for your return flight home open to miscalculation. Pre-booking your transfer means we plan it out for you, telling you exactly where to go and when in order to make it back to the airport in perfect time

6. Fretting about adding on cost or going over budget

Arranging tours and excursions with an agent ahead of time means you know exactly how much you’re spending. Better yet, you can add it to what you’re spreading out with Uplift Pay Monthly payments, including it in your total vacation package to distribute the cost over time.