1. Furore, Italy

When you think of Italy, you immediately think of big cities like Rome, Venice, Milan. When you think of beaches what comes to mind? Amalfi Coast? If that is what comes to mind, take your search a step further and google Furore, Italy. There is a small beach wedged between a fjord with fantastic views and many locals. This beach is off the beaten path so if you want to experience a true Italian beach day, visit Furore!

Red Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Red Sand Beach got its name from the lava flows of the volcanoes that are near. The beach is self-contained from rustic rocks and vegetation. There is a ton of wildlife that visits the beach as well. If you want to update your Instagram feed with new beach flicks, this place has a great aesthetic for unique beach photos.

Pink Sand Beach, Komodo, Indonesia

From white sand to red sand, how about pink sand? This beach in Komodo, Indonesia has beautiful bright pink sands that mesh with the clear ocean waters to make for a sight you need to check out! This beach is in the Komodo National Park. From the moment you step on this beach, you will think you are in a fairy tale.

Hope Town Beach, Bahamas

Hope Town beach is one of the more untouched beaches of the Bahamas. It is less crowded and has miles and miles of preserved natural coast. Escape the tourist spots and resorts and spend a day out in peace and tranquility on this beach.

Praia da Joatinga, Brazil

Need a breathtaking view to go see while in Brazil? Visit this golden sand beach. It is hidden off a mountainous quarter. This beach is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of a vacation. Surfers also frequent this beach regularly for the perfect waves.

Tikehau Island, French Polynesia

Take a day trip to this small, remote island. Take a short flight from the mainland of Tahiti and experience the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. This island has been called “the gateway to the sea and beyond” by Business Insider. You will not regret spending the day in serenity on this quite island!

Bunec, Albania

Do you think of Albania when thinking about beaches to explore? I sure don’t. This is for sure an underrated beach in the world. This isn’t your typical beach, it is mountainous and not made for your normal water sports and tanning on soft sand. This beach is more catered to camping and campers. Its rocky terrain is the perfect view for a tranquil camping trip.

Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar

This small island is one you will want to visit ASAP. As you are coming up to the island (accessible by boat) you’ll see a mix of volcanic rock formations that blend well with the white soft sands along the coast. It’s the best of both worlds. If you get lucky, you might be able to see some whale sightings while traveling to the island.

Taketomi Island, Okinawa, Japan

Taketomi Island looks like a normal beach where the water is clear and the sand is bright. When you take a closer look, you can see the sand has little shapes in it. The sand particles form little star shapes and seashells. These are formed by the unicellular Foraminifera that washes up onshore.

Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach), Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio beach is settled in a cove off an island in Greece. The beach was given the name “Shipwreck” after a captain became accused of carrying contraband to the islands and abandoned the ship ashore. No accusations were ever confirmed but it still said that the ship is buried in the limestone gravel along the coast. So if you want to visit a beach with an interesting story and a chance to see parts of the ship, take a visit to this beach while in Greece.