Nearly 85% of engaged couples consider having a destination wedding, so it should come as no surprise that you’re asking yourself, “Is a destination wedding right for me?” Before committing to a wedding away, it’s important to take a closer look to make sure it’s truly the best fit for you. Outlined below are some of the common desires most destination wedding couples have. While none of these are a “must” it may give you a better idea whether or not a destination wedding is the way to go.

A more hands-off experience is likely what you’ll get when opting for a destination wedding. Unless you’re one of the few couples who are able to make multiple site visits prior to W-day, you won’t be able to personally approve every detail or meet all of your vendors face-to-face.  For some couples, this is ideal as they want to provide a general idea of what they’re wanting and then not have to stress over the small stuff. If you’re a bride who has a hard time letting go, a destination wedding might not be the best fit for you.

You can make your own rules when hosting a destination wedding. While there are still basic etiquette guidelines, a lot of brides feel much more freedom in what traditions they choose to include or opt-out of. For couples who want a customized wedding which feels very “them,” you aren’t as limited by societal expectations when you’re getting married away. On the flip side, guests may assume it’s a more casual atmosphere and might not know what to expect. It’s good to set the tone early and often for the type of wedding you want.

Your guests are going to play a larger role if you decide on a destination wedding. A lot of couples ultimately decide on a wedding away for exactly this reason – an excuse to get away with your closest family and friends. Not only does this provide a lifetime worth of memories and gobs of one-on-one time, it takes the pressure off the big day and having to say “hello” to every guest during your reception. If you want a few quiet days to yourselves leading up the wedding, a destination wedding might not be the best option. Because your guests are travelling to be with you, they’re going to expect group activities and a lot of face time.

An adventurous attitude is a must for destination wedding couples. Very often it’s the idea of traveling somewhere exciting that a lot of your guests may not have been to before which really appeals to couples.  The experience in itself is most likely going to force you out of your comfort zone at some point, so make sure you’re up to the challenge.

An intimate event with your nearest and dearest is likely what’s in store when opting to get married away from home. If you always dreamed of the larger-than-life wedding with hundreds of guests, it’s going to be harder to achieve with a destination wedding. Guests have to put forward a lot more time and effort to attend your wedding away vs. a hometown affair.  For some couples, this is a perfect scenario and your chosen destination can serve as a “virtual bouncer” for your guest list. Just be sure you’re OK with the fact that, most likely, not everyone who is invited will be able to attend.

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