Now that you’re engaged and you start to make decisions on the most important day of your life, the subject of a destination wedding is likely to come up.

Not everyone knows what a destination wedding is or they assume it has to be in some far-flung location to count. A wedding away from home is just that – a ceremony and reception away from where you live (120 miles to be exact). Your wedding can be held anywhere from a town or city within a two-hour drive from where you reside to a tropical Caribbean island. The most popular destinations for weddings are Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Fiji.

Not only will your family and friends travel to attend your wedding, but you and your fiancé will as well.


They cost less than hometown weddings because it is unlikely 200 people are going to attend a wedding in another city, state or even country. Only your closest friends and family will be in attendance making the overall cost much less than if you did it at home.

More time with guests is something all couples say they wish they had and a destination wedding allows for that. “We hardly got to see you,” is one of the most frequent complaints made by couples who have large hometown weddings. When you have a destination wedding, it allows for a long weekend (or week) with more than a few opportunities to visit with loved ones in a vacation-like setting which gets everyone into a “party mode” before the wedding.

Destination weddings are more intimate by design. Due to the fact that there are less people, the overall experience is more personal, special and memorable for everyone involved, especially you!

Neutral territory is another bonus of having a wedding away from home. Often times couples have moved away from their hometown and their families and friends would have to otherwise travel to where the couple now lives. Why not take it a step further and go somewhere special and fun where everyone can experience a much needed break from reality.

Personalization is something all couples try to accomplish. Doing a wedding away from home allows a chance for the bride and groom to let their personalities and flare come through. From the location you choose to the food and décor, the entire experience will be uniquely “you.”

The honeymoon is built-in to a destination wedding. If you are already going somewhere special, why not just stay a little longer? It creates less stress and a more seamless transition getting into the honeymoon mode.

Whatever your decision is, be it a hometown wedding or a wedding away, make sure you work with trustworthy vendors who understand your needs and do their very best to meet them. Destination Weddings and Honeymoons by Beach Travel has been creating memorable and personalized experiences for 12 years. We understand what it takes to pull off a stress-free wedding in a dream location. If you work with us, or someone else, just make sure you select a travel specialist who understands the unique needs of a couple planning a destination wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck in your planning. Contact us at (732) 866-9969 to get started!