In Mexico, there are three main types of Wedding Ceremonies that can be performed: Legal, Religious and Symbolic.

Legal Ceremony

Also known as Civil Ceremony, this is the only one that will be recognized as legal once you return to your home country. Being an official event, it is conducted in Spanish by a Judge and translated to English by a Wedding Coordinator.
All Civil Marriages that take place under Mexican laws are completely legal in Mexico. Foreigners marrying in Mexico must legalize their marriage in their country of birth/residence. This is usually done by registering their marriage certificate at their local City Hall.
The United States Department of State requires that all Weddings Certificates from ceremonies performed in the Caribbean, including Mexico, have the Apostille Seal. This procedure can be done by our Wedding Coordinators with an additional fee of $250 USD. By requesting this service you receive: an extra copy of your wedding certificate, the apostille seal, translation into English and FedEx delivery to your home address, usually between 30 to 45 days after the ceremony.
*** Please note the FedEx Delivery Service offered by Weddings by Lomas Travel does not include the taxes that Customs in your country may charge you for. Thank you for your understanding. ***


  • Valid passports                         Although passports are not required for US and Canadian citizens to entry Mexico, they are mandatory for a legal wedding to be performed. Passports must be presented to the onsite Wedding Coordinator at the time of the wedding consultation in Cancun.
  • Tourist Card                         This is provided to all passengers on the plane prior to arrival into Cancun’s International Airport. The name on the Tourist Card and Passport MUST be the same.
  • Health Certificate                         Mexican laws require a Health Certificate for all Legal Wedding Ceremonies. Blood tests are done to determine blood type, HIV and STD status. Tests must be taken at the resort and results are ready within 24 hours. Approximately cost is $250 USD per couple (unless stated as an inclusion in your wedding package). Bride and Groom must arrive at their hotel three business days prior to the legal wedding ceremony date in order to complete the blood tests and process the necessary documents. Saturday and Sunday are not considered working days.
  • Single Status Affidavit                          Also known as “Single Status Statutory Declaration”, this document is required by the Mexican government to conduct a legal wedding. The document states that you are currently single and have no impediment to get married.
  • Additional documentation
    • If the groom is divorced no additional documentation is needed.
    • If the bride is divorced (at least a year must have passed before she can remarry) and her passport is under her maiden name no additional documentation is needed.
    • If the bride is divorced and her passport is under her ex-husband’s last name, then she must present her Birth Certificate and Divorce Certificate translated into Spanish by an Official Translator and should have an Apostille Seal. The Apostille Seal is necessary when issuing a document from one country to another for legal purposes.  For information on how to obtain the Apostille Seal, please contact the Secretary of State Office or visit:
    • If a bride or groom’s former spouse is deceased then a copy of the Death Certificate is required.
  • Witnesses                         Legal Wedding Ceremonies require four witnesses. If the wedding couple provides their own witnesses the following is needed:
    • A Civil Ceremony Form filled out (available through your Wedding Coordinator) indicating witnesses name, age, nationality, home address and occupation.
    • Valid passport or driver’s license.
    • Tourist Card.
    • Witnesses must arrive at the hotel three business days prior to the legal wedding ceremony date in order to complete the legal document process.
    • Witnesses must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the ceremony.

Religious Ceremony

This ceremony is available alone or in conjunction with a Civil Ceremony

  • Catholic Ceremony
    • Cost: An additional fee of $600 USD
    • Requirements: The following documents must be presented for both Bride and Groom: Birth Certificates, Baptism Certificates, Confirmation Certificates and a letter issued by the Local Priest, addressed to the Priest in Cancun, allowing them to marry in Mexico. These documents must be received by Lomas Travel three months prior to the Wedding Date.
  • Jewish Ceremony
    • Cost: An additional fee of $1200 USD
    • Requirements: Official letters from the Bride and Groom’s House of Worship must be presented. Please ask your Wedding Coordinator for details.

Symbolic Ceremony

This ceremony is not recognized as legal in Mexico or your home country. Preferred by couples already married and wishing to have a wedding ceremony, those thinking of a legal ceremony at a later date or those wishing to renew vows with their loved one. It is typically performed by a Non-Denominational, but can also be performed, for an additional fee, by a Religious Officiant. Some ministers speak English and for those that do not, the service is translated into English by our professional Wedding Coordinators.

Important information:

  • Wedding consultations:                         Consultations are held at the resorts from Monday to Saturday
  • Schedule
    • Weddings are performed seven days a week except on Mexican holidays (January 1st; February 5th; Easter weekend; May 1st and 5th; September 15th and 16th; November 1st, 2nd and 20th; December 12th, 24th, 25th and 31st).
    • Wedding time must be requested based on daytime savings:     April through September – Every hour from 11 am to 6 pm     October through March – Every hour from 11 am to 4 pm
    • For Legal Ceremonies, please consider the Mexican Holidays when reserving your wedding date as they will not be included in the three-day requirement.